HERE WE GO. Two kinds of SPECIAL WATERMELONS harvesting tomorrow. The variety called “VENUS” an extra sweet red Ice box watermelon, and the variety called “TIGER” which is a jubilee-type watermelon that has an excellent taste. Picture here for your attention. A little frayed from a long drive from Baguio to write proper copy, but I feel excited for our members to have these watermelons for the first time. It is also our first time to deal with these farmers so I would like to give them a good order. I hope to post this before I get too sleep. Please will you take over from here after I post it? This is a MIDNIGHT SNAP BUY, that’s right.

VENUS AND TIGER WATERMELONS SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for a group of Mexico, Pampanga farmers for two special watermelons. If you give P310, your share shall be five (5) heavy kilos. Steal!

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