RURI EGG BATCH 2. It gives us real pleasure to tell you about what the new YELLOW NUNO EGGS. A family of long-time duck farmers in Sta. Rita, Pampanga are making it for us with their waddlings’ biggest eggs. These waddlings are 100% “pagala” or free range which spells all the difference in getting a mantekado product. Next, it’s pure earth from termite mounds and seesalt supplied by us from the last traditional salt factory standing along the shoreline of San Fabian, Pangasinan. The yellow coloring is from luyang dilaw purchased from our Aeta brothers and sisters living around Mount Negron, paid at the right price of course, dried and powdered. The taste of these eggs: umami mantekado and healthy because it has just the right touch of saltiness and no artificial coloring agent has touched it. Everything about these eggs: the duck farmers, the Aetas/Dumagats, and the Pangasinan salt makers. We realize that so many elements of Rural Rising goes into these eggs. We love that, you’ll love this. With such pride, Andie and I call these the RURI EGGS.

Can we invite you to try it? Can we invite you to help, it’s just P750 per tray. Same price lang as public market eggs, but is much more impactful on society and on your palate.

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