Red dye does not touch the RURI EGGS. Why stain the eggs with something a possibly dangerous chemical? Our farmers use LUYANG DILAW, a natural coloring ingredienåt. See how the lovely color they give to the eggs. The Turmeric boil also permeates the shell, taking away all traces of “lansa”. A family of life-long duck farmers in Sta. Rita, Pampanga are making it for us from eggs lain by their pagala waddlings. Pagala or free range makes all the difference in getting an umami mantekado product. Next, it’s pure earth from termite mounds and seesalt supplied by us from the last traditional salt factory standing along the shoreline of San Fabian, Pangasinan. Everything about these eggs—the duck farmers, the Aetas that supplied the Luyang Dilaw, and the Pangasinan salt makers—so many elements of Rural Rising go into these eggs. With a lot of pride, Andie and I call these the RURI EGGS.

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