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TURMERIC SALTED EGGS NA LANG. Our farmers are doing what they can to experiment with different coloring agents to make the RuRi eggs more appealing to us. First they tried onion but it rendered the shells sticky and smelly, though the inside was okay. Coffee worked better but in the end, we’ll just stick to TURMERIC for now. We’ll need our group to give strong support for these Organic Turmeric Salted Eggs because 6,000 eggs are coming.

ORGANIC SALTED EGGS — P699 for 30 pieces
Helps Sta. Rita duck farmers and many others

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EGGS THAT TASTE LIKE FREEDOM. The best thing about the RURI EGGS if that they came only from “PAGALA DUCKS” which means that the ducks are herded over freshly-plowed fields to eat their fill of worms and tender roots. The ducks’ sustenance are not dependent on chemical-laced commercially-bought feeds. This all-natural diet makes eggs that taste so much better. And then there is more: fermentation in PURE PONSO EARTH earth and not just any ponso earth but from mounds in and around SUGAR CANE fields. The ants’ sweet diet makes all the difference. In comes the use of DAMORTIS SEA SALT provided by RuRi, sourced from the last salt factory in Damortis, La Union. In comes the use of LUYANG DILAW (turmeric) provided by RuRi, sourced from our Dumagat and Aeta farmers. AN ORGANIC SALTED EGG LIKE NO OTHER! We claim these to be the “The Best Salted Eggs in the Philippines”.

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