BANAUE BOX-ALL-YOU-CAN. In addition to the beleaguered pumpkin farmers of Brgy. Batitang, Zaragosa, Nueva Ecija, we also received an urgent request for help from Banaue, Ifugao. If you remember, we have been helping the tomato farmers there. I believe we have collectively managed to buy five truckloads from that place, 20 tons of tomatoes, paid at the price they want/need. This time it’s the other farmers asking us for help—farmers of Cabbage, Wombok, Potatoes, Carrots, Sayote Tomato and Cucumber. If we were able to help the Banaue tomato farmers for that many trucks, I sincerely believe that we could help all the the other farmers with at least one truck.

SOUTH FRIENDS! You can participate na. You can pickup from the new RuRi South (GCRM Philippines Inc., KM 21 West Service Road corner Villongco, Sucat, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila. Infront of Diocese of Paranaque.)

We are hereby announcing the BOX-ALL-YOU-CAN (BAYC) BANAUE. This is crazy asking you to support two Rescue Buys but what can we do? If you support this Rescue effort with P500, we shall give you one big box of assorted vegetables—Cabbage, Wombok, Potatoes, Carrots, Sayote Tomato and Cucumber. We hope you find that price irressistible. As much as the box would fit until it can fit no more, until it is difficult to tape close properly. Our staff at RuRi House will be more than happy to do this—to be given the freedom to just stuff and stuff the boxes—wala nang kilo-kilo, they would gleefully do this. Win some, lose some, we don’t think malulugi ang RuRi. We are sure mananalo kayo. Mananalo rin ang mga farmers ng Banaue. This Box will go very, very fast. So should you!

BOX-ALL-YOU-CAN BANAUE FOR P500. An absolutely good deal for you. Absolutely helping the farmers. We are looking for as many Rural Rising members (Founder Members please lead this!) to get a BAYC BANAUE, 7 kinds of fresh highland vegetables inside, pay only P500.

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