BAGSAK PRESYO IS THE NEW HIGH VALUE. All that talk about High Value Produce (HVP) is no more. Everything is low value now. First it was broccoli prices taking a dive when last year’s tomato farmers, hoping to reverse their fortunes, shifted en masse to broccoli farming. You know this to be true and tragic if you’ve been able to buy 10kg for just 500 pesos from Rural Rising. Now the same “bulok” systemic scourge is creeping onto CAULIFLOWER.

Andie and I would like to lead the group to help the Cauliflower farmers of Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. This is Baron Manaois, one of our handsome and hardworking Igorot farmers there. And this beautiful head of cauliflower he is holding up is the first of the harvest. He has a ton of cauliflowers for us next week.

For the first time ever, we shall offer the BOX-ALL-YOU-CAN at RuRi House. This is cauliflower and all the vegetables needed to make CHOPSEUY, that most delicious of vegetables dishes—carrots, sayote, beans, cabbage, and broccoli. This will directly help Baron and the farmers of Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya,

BOX-ALL-YOU-CAN: We are looking for 60 members to help us help Baron Manaois and other farmers in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya by getting ONE BOX OFVEGETABLES and pay only P500. If you are picking up your Box, we invite you to choose and pack your vegetables. Box must be able to close. If you are sending a rider, we shall pack your vegetables for you and give your rider some chopseuy vegetables to take home to his family.

* Box-All-You-Can will be available on Thursday, March 11, 2021.
* Founder members get 250 grams chicharo (chick peas)
* Become a Founder Member here
* Should you fail to claim item and it spoils in storage, your payment will not be refunded

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