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SARAP NG MANGGANG SARAT. We tried but failed to find mangoes in this color but we succeeding in finding mangoes in this animal. CARABAO MANGOES from the oh-so-distant town of Sarat, Ilocos Norte. The watermelons were good. The avocados were excellent. These mangoes will be fantastic. High hopes for you, you should too because we’ll give you a warranty. Kung hindi siya masarat, we’ll take them back. We’ll give you a good price too, like we did this tree owner.

SNAP BUY SARAT CARABAO MANGOES. We are looking for members who would like to enjoy the funnier things in life like native mangoes named after the native animal. If you contribute P500 pesos, we shall give you 5 kilos of manibalang Mangoes.

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