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TAMIS NG TUMAUINI. These mangoes are smallish in size but big on sweetness. Would you believe that we have to travel through five provinces — Bulacan, Pamppanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, and Nueva Vizcaya — and ignore hundreds of Mangoes farmers before we get to these trees in Tumauini, Isabela. This place was ravaged by a tornado last month, the fruit on these trees were decimated. If you were able to taste the mangoes, the ones we offered in the TOMANGO, if liked those very much, you will love this.

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WE CAN HIDE BUT WE CANNOT RUN. We were exceedingly resolved to rest this week. As proof of our resolve, we sent the RuRi Boys for the holidays and retired to Camp Mingan with its 15-foot walls and spotty cellphone signal. Sadly, it was not meant to be. Our phones kept receiving messages from farmers stranded in the Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (NVAT), 30 tons of ripe tomatoes today alone, and from farmers in Tumauini with 4.5 tons of mangoes that were prematurely “harvested” by a Kansas-sized tornado. Yes, a tornado and if you do not believe us, here is the proof. Global warming na talaga, this sizzling heat, an uncommon weather phenomenon in a tropical country. The phenomenon of farmers throwing their tomatoes, you have already seen but this time you need to help prevent.

TUMAUINI MANGO BUY. We are seeking your kind support for an effort to help the Mango farmers of Tumauini, Isabela. If you give P499, your share when the truck gets back shall be five (5) kilos of smallish but sweet Tumauini Mangoes.

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