FRUIT CRACKING, FARMER CRYING. We would like to bring help and sympathy once again to Ricky, a farmer from Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Zaragoza. Like last year, his CARABAO INDIAN MANGO trees fruited late into the rainy season and this wreaked havoc on the fruit. Extreme temperature changes–hot in the morning and rain in the afternoon—causes mangoes to split open in a phenomenon called “fruit cracking”. Those that don’t fall to the ground, their skin is stained from the “dagta”, immediate rejects from all fruit buyers. It’s the same thing this year, parang naging cycle na. But man, the mangoes are delicious. Parang cross ng Carabao Mango at Indian Mango can you imagine? We are happy to have them. Huwag na hintayin mahinog, best eaten ang mga ito kapag manibalang. Kung may Ulam Bagong sana, it will be the best pairing. The ones that Ricky is able to pick, those that are not on the ground, we have agreed to buy it all. Here is Ricky on his hard-working Carabao, bringing the Carabao Indian Mangoes to the road. He will not disappoint, this rescue fruit will not disappoint, we promise.

CARABAO INDIAN MANGO SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for Ricky for a Recue Buy of his SPECIAL MANGOES in Sta. Lucia, for the amount of P499. Should you choose to participate in this effort, your share shall be 4 kilos.

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