The Sweet Gold watermelons were a hit! We got 600 pieces last week and we still had members clamoring for more. How wonderful the feeling of going to the farmers and giving them such a significant order. Paid in advance, paid them a happy price (above farm gate), they are offering us first pick for tomorrow’s harvest. If you found the watermelons to your liking/loving, will you get some more?

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SWEET IS THE HEART OF GOLD. We are going to try to help in Mexico, Pampanga, this time with WATERMELONS. These Watermelons are the kind known as Sweet Gold. They are deep yellow inside and tastes as the name implies. For those of you who have a subscription to Canasta Basica, you remember that we slipped a small oblong wWatermelon in there? That’s the Sweet Gold. The farmer’s name is Luis Cruz and he is hoping that we could take his full harvest of some 200 pieces.

GROUP BUY: SWEET GOLD WATERMELONS. We are looking for members who would support a quick trip to Mexico, Pampanga tomorrow to get some Sweet Gold Watermelons, nature’s candy. Pay only P230 for 5

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