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BLENDED DREAMS. We have finally achieved our dream to create our first BLENDED VINEGAR product. Tastes amazing, will likely be addictive. We used NATIVE GARLIC and NAGA VIPER PEPPER from our farmers. Yung mga natirang Garlic from Itbayat Island, none better, and the peppers are from Nueva Ecija, known there as the “Kinalabaw na Labuyo”.

Just P449 for 3 bottles. Click here __

Back read on the Naga Viper:

KINALABAW NA SARAP. We are very keen to help this Nueva Ecija farmer from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. We find his produce to be excellent but we worry so much about his prospects of selling it. “Kinalabaw na Labuyo” this is what they call these locally-grown variety of the Naga Viper, one of the world’s hottest chilis. Look at the mountain of peppers that this farmer has! He has a problem, but at the same time he is sitting on a blessing if Rural Rising is able to help him with it.

Back read on the Itbayat Garlic:

YOU ARE THE TRUE SAVER.This tiny dot in the ocean called Itbayat is still part of the Philippines but it might as well be in another country. It almost is because it’s closer to Taiwan than it is to the Philippines. This is where our NATIVE GARLIC is coming from. We’re moving one ton of Garlic from that red point to RuRi House. These are our farmers we saved last year and this is them loading the containers themselves. And this the ship that brought the container to Pier 18. The name of the ship is MV SAVER. How very apt ano?

RURI BLENDED VINEGAR SNAP BUY. We are happy to offer 90 lots of RuRi’s blended vinegar using Itbayat Garlic and Kinalabaw na Labuyo. If you give P449, we shall give you 3 bottles, 3 different flavors — Native Garlic blend, Naga Garlic Blend, or Naga Blend.

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