Date, Time and Venue:
MMC Auditorium
July 26, 2024
9AM to 3PM

P799/box, no weight limit

A shopper shall be given one (1) box per booked slot.
Each shopper has 8 minutes to fit as much fresh produce as he/she can inside the dimensions of a 12” x 12” x 8” box.

Participation is subject to the following Terms and Conditions
1. Shoppers shall proceed to the Registration Counter to claim an empty box
2. At the signal, shoppers will be allowed in the BAYC Area in groups of 10 ~ 15 people
3. The produce has to fit within the dimensions of the box.
4. Shoppers are not allowed to tear off the leaves and stalks of produce.
5. When the time is up, shoppers must proceed to the Checkout Table.
6. Shoppers should be able to push their loaded boxes through the metal frame installed on top of the Checkout Table.
7. Produce that extend beyond the dimensions of the box will be removed and returned to the display racks.

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg

9:00PM July 26, 9:15PM July 26, 9:30PM July 26, 9:45PM July 26, 10:00PM July 26, 10:15PM July 26, 10:30PM July 26, 10:45PM July 26, 11:00PM July 26, 11:15PM July 26, 11:30PM July 26, 11:45PM July 26, 12:00PM July 26, 12:15PM July 26, 12:30PM July 26, 12:45PM July 26, 1:00PM July 26, 1:15PM July 26, 1:30PM July 26, 1:45PM July 26, 2:00PM July 26, 2:15PM July 26, 2:30PM July 26, 2:45PM July 26


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