ASOKONG COMING. We are expecting the next fresh batch of SUNFLOWER HONEY from our farmers in Asokong. Kabayan, Benguet, These are the farmers we visited during our trip there. When we went there, the sunflower fields have yet to bloom. Last week they have and the sunflower harvest will be underway in a few days. This is your chance to get the Asokong’s Finest.

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HAPPENING SOON: MOUNTAIN OF GOLD. Next week, the mountainside at this bee-keeping site and half a dozen others like it will explode in a sea of golden yellow. Sunflowers, hundreds of thousands of them. The bees will come out of the hives to feed and make honey. Can you imagine it? Partake of this miracle of nature by getting a bottle of 1001% pure SUNFLOWER HONEY.

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