ASOKONG’S PUREST. If you remember, we offered for you to have a few buckets of SUNFLOWER HONEY from Asokong, at the foot of Mount Pulag. Those were happily snapped up by a reseller. We have a couple of buckets again and this time we transferred the contents into bottles. Note the newly-designed labels. Note the keeping to sanitary standards. Note the “puruntong” shorts. That’s Med, Bong of RuRi North’s sister, who works naman at RuRi North.

Back read the story:

ASOKONG’S PUREST. We are most fortunate today to get invited to one of the bee-keeping sites of our Mt. Pulag farmer, this one is in Asokong, Kabayan. Access usually restricted, they welcomed us today with open arms. No protective suits like you see in pictures, just my bare skin waiting to be bitten. “No sudden movements, keep your hands to your sides”, they cautioned. These are not stingless bees! I already know that if one stings you, others will follow suit, they’ll home in on the smell and swarm you. Courage, para sa RuRi. Today, I lived to be bitten another day, and I got to meet the Queen Bee. There’a only one in every hive, and she is regal and beautiful.

SUNFLOWER HONEY SNAP BUY. We are happy to offer you 100% pure and genuine honey from Asokong. If you give P499, get one bottle. If this honey does not make you happy, return the bottle unopened, and we shall refund your money. But kidding aside, you have my unbitten guarantee that this is pure.

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