NO BRAND IS THE NEW EXTRAORDINARY. We have exactly 48 jars of Andie’s NLSJ or No Label Strawberry Jam, with 152 more coming in the next couple of days. 200 total. NLSJ is not too sweet, chews wonderfully and and consumes quickly. Those members who’ve had a taste, they rave about it. Andie makes it only every Christmas. NLSJ traces its roots to the height of the pandemic when we made our first efforts to help the Strawberry farmers of Madaymen from the confines of our home in Baguio. If we decided to concentrate on making just one product, it would be this NLSJ that would build us an empire. Many times better than Good (Shepherd), it’s almost blasphemy to say it but we do speak the TRUTH. NLSJ uses two kinds of strawberries, the big but sourish King’s Berries for mouth feel and the sweet Chuga for contrast. Lisbon Lemons provide tangy and Linuklokot mountain sugar provide savory. Can you imagine? A lot of love has gone into this. No better strawberry jam, this for us is the MUJI of jams.

NLSJ GROUP BUY. We are very pleased to offer an extraordinary Strawberry Jam called the NLSJ.

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