The Brown Rice for the price of white is back.

The BROWN RICE was a hit! We had members private messaging and sharing how the rice smelled so much like “pinipig”. This is because it’s freshly milled the day before dispatch. Our farmer insisted to send us only what we need since we have trucks going to Nueva Ecija every week. This has made all the difference. People are saying how this freshly milled brown rice has such a different taste to grocery bought rice that is hard and remains hard even if you add a lot of water. One even said she will never go back and please, please, please will you make this an evergreen product? When we said we are not sure, she bought 2 sacks to make sure she in RuRi brown rice as long as she can.
We are happy to announce that we are able to get 1,000 kilos more of this brown rice, still from Sto. Domingo town in Nueva Ecija. The video below shows the brown rice being milled in a special mill, a very modern kind. It needs a special mill so that only the hull is removed and the bran and germ are left intact. Rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, a whole grain that cooks very well and tastes great. Marami ka talaga makakain.

BROWN RICE FOR THE PRICE OF WHITE. We are looking for 50 Rural Rising members who would support a quick trip to Sto. Domingo, Nueva Ecija to get our milled Brown Rice. Pay only P1,450 for a 20-kilo sack.

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