BRAVE HOME-GROWN BROWN. We waited 6 months for this! Planted November last year, bagong ani yesterday, currently bininilad ngayun, will lineup at the kiskisan on Thursday. We had our eyes on this rice the whole time. The only way you can get rice any fresher is if you stopped at a rice paddy and chewed the panicles off the stems. We’re throwing our reputation behind this rice. We know 101% that it is local, not imported. Certified masarap! Nothing you can find in the grocery comes close in taste and quality. Grown against odds by a Nueva Ecija farmer named Fidel. Semper Fidelis! We are faithful to the courageous. This rice is a farmer’s courage in the face of the price of the fertilizer Triple 14 TRIPLING, not just doubling, in the six months it is growing. It used to be P700, now it’s P2,800! Grabe! There is really very little incentive for our farmers to continue planting. We salute and support this farmer, we’ll enjoy his rice.

BROWN RICE GROUP BUY. We are seeking your support for gourmet Brown Rice, delicious and locally-grown. Contribute P1600, get a 20-kg sack, freshly-milled.

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