LAST OF THE HOME-GROWN BROWN. We are taking the last 1.4 tons of that lovely BROWN RICE from Santo Domingo. If you miss this, you can get pa naman next year. ;~D

PINIPIG-TASTING BROWN RICE. We waited several months for this. Bagong ani last week, sinako tig sampung kilo. Very fresh, parang pinipig ang amoy at lasa kapag niluto. The only way you can get rice any fresher is if you stopped infront of a rice paddy, waded in and chewed the panicles off the stems. This is rice is good. Certified masarap, homegrown heirloom! Grocery store rice does not compare—not only is it expensive, it tastes petrified because it’s been on that shelf for ages. Grown against all odds by a Nueva Ecija farmer named Fidel. Semper Fidelis! We must be faithful to the courageous. This rice represents a farmer’s courage in the face the fertilizer called Triple 14 not only doubling in price but tripling. Before it was P700~P800, now it’s P2,800. Grabe, there is really very little incentive for our farmers to continue planting. We salute and support this farmer, we’ll enjoy his rice.

PINIPIG-TASTING BROWN RICE SNAP BUY. We are looking for members who are choosy with their rice to support this helpful buy for Fidel. Pay P850, get a full sack, 10 kilos in weight, plus get a free kilo of White Rice on top of it.

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