Everyone who buys gets free cabbage!

LEXICONFUSION. Fifty years on this green earth and then some, I have been calling these ‘Honey Oi” or “Honey Oye” strawberries all wrong. The correct name is HONEOYE.

1. Sometimes known as “American Strawberries” because during the 40-year American period, the strawberry was introduced to Benguet province to provide a vital ingredient for the all-American salad.
2. Sometimes known as “Japanese Strawberries” because the first farmers who grew them for the Americans were Japanese nationals.

***Forgive me if I am not the only person confused by the lexicon.

* We are able to get 100 kilos of AMERICAN STRAWBERRIES from a single woman farmer in Kibungan, Benguet. Few farmers grow these, when the more popular Sweet Charlie and Kingsberry varieties is out there. Few buyers will do this: pay for air conditioned seats on a Victory Liner coach bus to bring the berries down from Baguio. Arriving in style at midnight. Dispatch tomorrow morning, we shall definitely announce. Few members, just 50 can avail.

HONEOYE STRAWBERRIES. We are very pleased for 50 members to have 2 kilos of perfectly “papakable” strawberries from Kibungan. If you give P1,199, we shall give you 2 kilos Honeoyes in a high-quality, reusable plastic tub. Good deal here

Made even better. Everyone who buys gets free cabbage!

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