SAGPAT SAYOTE SALE. We’re happy to give you these Sayote for just P240/10 kilos!!! We can get 2,000 kilos but iglap lang ito at this price. Our trip there will be tomorrow, dispatch will be on Wednesday.  

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In one of our discovery trips to find new highland farmers to help, we found ourselves in Brgy. Sagpat, Kibungan, Benguet. We saw these men crowded around a stationary machine, half motorcycle, half pulley. We had to stop and watch. It’s amazing how they had a system going, how efficiently they flew sacks of produce across a mighty mountain. We can only imagine that if inspiration failed to come, these farmers would have to huff and hump the sayote on their backs. This truck would take forever to load and it would not be anywhere as fun as this. 

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