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We are happy to take a small truck load of SAYOTE from Kibungan, the place where we met the now-famous Sayote Riders. This video has gone all over the world with 92M views and was featured in Supercar Blondie’s page (42M followers). It has also inspired us to build a similar tramline for a community of farmers in Benguet.

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THE SAYOTE RIDERS OF SAGPAT. To call someone a “Kamote Rider” is to insult him, but to call someone a Sayote Rider is to extoll him for his ingenuity. In one of our discovery trips to find new highland farmers to help, we found ourselves in Brgy. Sagpat, Kibungan, Benguet. We saw these men crowded around a stationary machine, half motorcycle, half pulley. We had to stop and watch. It’s amazing how they had a system going, how efficiently they flew sacks of produce across a mighty mountain. We can only imagine that if inspiration failed to come, these farmers would have to huff and hump the sayote on their backs. This truck to market would take forever to load, and it would not be anywhere as fun as this.

HELP US BUILD THE TRAM! The community will gather all their SAYOTE FRUIT for sale to us and all proceeds shall go towards the building of the their tramline.

GET SAYOTES FOR CHEAP. It’s P250 for 10 kilos. They are harvesting now and piling them by the side of the road for our truck to pickup for travel to RuRi House. It has become a community effort to build something for the generations!

Click here to get 10 kilos of Sayote Fruit for P250. Thank you so much for helping.

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