MISSION FORMOSA. We’re sending Beto (the Better World L-300) on a rescue mission to Labo, Camarines Norte. It can take 1,000 pieces of pineapples, this is what it’s going to bring back. A lot of members are raving about how sweet and juicy these pineapples are. We are not surprised at all because these are the sweetest variety called FORMOSAS. There will be a SPECIAL PRICE for these pineapples, but only for this trip.
IT’S P299 FOR 5 FORMOSAS. Available for pickup on Saturday.
1,000 pieces only.

FORMOSA PINEAPPLE RESCUE BUY. We’re taking the group for the first time to the town of Labo, Camarines Norte. In this place the world’s sweetest PINEAPPLES grow, a small golden wonder called the Formosa or Queen Pineapple. The soil in this part of Bicol is very high in potassium and that has a lot to do with this sweet aberation. Formosas are very sweet—but we have already told you that—with a crisp yellow flesh full of nutrition. What else? Oh yes, the farmers mentioned that they plant the pineapples in between rows of coconut trees because they noticed that this somehow makes the pineapples sweeter than those grown on an open field. How about that?

BOGO PINEAPPLE GROUP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to participate in 2022’s first BOGO. Buy 2 Formosa pineapples, get 2 free. Pay only P29

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