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PINEAPPLE BLACKOUT. Very strange. Three days ago, a concerned member reported pineapple dumping in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. “Just today at CNN” she said, and she even sent a screenshot from the report she was watching but try as we might, we could not find anything about it on the internet. The Region X DAR RD himself confirmed to our source “wala naman kami nababalitaan dito”. Very strange indeed. Has a news blackout been effected? Was our member the victim of fake news? Why, we even did a poll to see if members would support an effort to help Malaybalay pineapple farmers. 150+ of you said “Yes!”, that’s strong and real support.

So were we worked up for nothing? Yes and no. We started ringing our pineapple farmers—in Isabella, in Laguna, in Camarines Norte. As it turns out, Maisog in the town of San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte is in need of rescue. Andie and I have been there, their FORMOSA pineapples are really the sweetest in the world. But if they are small, no one wants them. Why are they small. Two reasons: their small acreage allows them to plant only in the shade of coconut trees and they cannot afford the price of fertilizer. Here is Arlene, please hear it for yourself, how the next harvest is in peril and how farmers like Arlene are so distressed. Can we help them? These pineapples are small but still very sweet. You can say they are organic, by accident. Our group was primed to help pineapple farmers, let’s do it for the farmers of Maisog.

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