Warning: Lovely read ahead.

So we have MARIA AURORA PINEAPPLES again. Arrived past midnight at RuRi North, the farmer and his wife slept in their vehicle and waited until morning. The sweetness of these pineapples, the farmer virtually swore his life on. The story of these Pineapples, Andie virtually wrote a book on.

“Dear Ruri, 

So the pineapples from Maria Aurora finally arrived today at 4am but I told the boys to taste muna before they unload. They did and rang me before sunrise. Jorgin says “Ma’am,nag aagaw yung tamis at asim.” I ask, “so maasim?” He says, “hindi naman po, Ma’am pero hindi matamis.” I then say, “let Mama taste it” (Mama’s staying in QC to avoid the Baguio icy climate this February). 

Mama says “ok naman pero mas matamis yung dati (Formosa?) pero hindi kasing pangit nung may kasabay na papaya.”  Waaah, ang dami ko nang papaya rescue, which one??? 

So I woke Ace up, let’s go to North! I need to taste the pineapples myself. Ace says, “naghihintay na yung farmer dun, so 2 lang yan, either Ruris forgive you or you refund.”

Argh! Ang hirap! 

Two hours later, I got to North, the farmer, Melvin was sitting by the sidewalk, half-asleep, the boys promptly gave me a plate of sliced pineapple – chilled! The first thing Melvin says, “Ma’am ang pinya po hindi pinalalamig, pag na-ref, umaasim.”

I get nervous, just ready to tell him to take his pineapples elsewhere and in my head, I’m already composing my apology email to you. They peel another fruit and I finally taste… 

Then I tell the boys, unload na. I tell Ailah, buy Melvin lunch and dispatch the pineapples but be sure to throw in a kilo of chico or kaimito or 2 kilos carrots, whichever we have.

I ask Ace, what did your post on the Aurora pineapples say? He says, “we refund pag bland.” Hindi naman bland e! Maasim! Hahaha!  Sige na nga!

Seriously, please would you take them now and email me later (to complain or say you forgive me). Or if you feel nervous as I do and would rather add P500 to get 3 kilos Guimaras mangoes, let me know please (reply here or text me: 09175387787).

I found out from Melvin, it takes them 18-26 months to harvest per planting. He says “pambayad ko lang po ng tuition kaya po hinarvest ko na.” Haay, I wish we had a juice factory, no pineapple farmer would have to worry kahit maasim yung pinya nya. 

Thanks, Ruri! 

– Andie”

PINEAPPLE SNAP BUY — P349 for 4 kilos

Helps Ma. Aurora, Aurora farmers

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