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SWEET SURPRISE IN SAN JACINTO. Visiting family in my sleepy hometown of San Jacinto, Pangasinan, we discovered a sweet surprise. There was a farmer in the next barangay and he had 200 full-grown cocoa trees in his backyard. He harvests them and TABLEA CHOCOLATE the traditional way. How in the world did we not know this, quality tablea can be had not 4 kilometers from where I grew up. This Tablea is different, better different. It is not bitter, it is on the light-sweet side actually, one that it is more suited for a younger palate. So wow, so enjoyable. If you like the taste of Milo, this is Milo but much more delicious.

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The story of the affable farmer, Lolo Juanito, is a colorful one. Twenty five years ago, Juanito lost his job at the Marcopper Mines in Marinduque after it was shuttered for causing the worst environmental disaster in Philippine history. 1.6 million cubic meters of toxic mine tailings leaked into nearby villages and poisoned the Boac River forever. Juanito returned home to eek a living by driving a borrowed tricycle. One day, at a remote barangay, he saw a fruiting cocoa tree by the roadside. He managed to convince the owner to sell him five pod for the grand sum of 5 pesos each. Fast forward to the present day, Lolo Juanito has parlayed those pods into trees. Two hundred fully mature and fruiting trees to be exact, they now provide him an income for his old age. What a success story, one that is literally about finding the “seeds of opportunity”. How inspired I am to write this.

SAN JACINTO TABLES SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for a quick side trip to San Jacinto to pick up Tablea. If you give P350, we shall give 5 ROLLS, not 4. Good deal.

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