SANTOL SALVATION. We found five fruit-heavy SANTOL trees in Brgy. Duacan, Kabayan, Benguet. The fruits fall to the ground, as they have for years now, or given away to anyone who cares to climb the tree. The elderly man who owns the tress has been bed-ridden for reals now. His wife does the best she can by raising crops in a small garden. These days there is no money for her husband’s medication because #TyphoonEgay has wiped out her garden out, like everyone in this town. Rural Rising knocking on their door to ask if we could buy the Santol is like a prayer answered.

DUACAN SANTOL SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for 100 kilos of Santol from Kabayan, Benguet. For generously giving P399, your share shall be five (5) kilos.

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