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SEEDLESS HEIRLOOM AVOCADOS. Two years ago, in January 2021, we casually posted two pictures of a seedless avocado tree on SocMed and it went viral. Members went absolutely crazy, Andie and I were very surprised. It was like watching the numbers on a manual counter go up and up—flick, flick, flick, 600 reactions in an hour, 100 comments in the same amount of time, and dozens of private messages. Can we have a seedling of this amazing and rare avocado? That was two years ago. Tonight, an influencer named JA DE superimposed his video over that of the seedless avocado fruit and seedlings, posted it, and it went viral. again. 1.6M views in only a few hours, this is absolutely amazing.

THE STORY OF THESE AVOCADOS. The late Domingo Umali, a public school teacher, had this brilliant idea one day in 1960 to create the perfect avocado. With no formal training in agriculture, living in a time when “Google” was a numeric term and not a search engine, he taught himself grafting first by working with easy calamansi and later with the more challenging mango. This weird, wonderful avocado was his life’s work, completed towards the end. Fruit long like cucumbers (“the better to scoop you up, my dear”), fruit sweet like there’s honey in there (“the better to diet with you, my dear”), ond fruit that’s extra maligat (viscous), because why not dear? Domingo succeeded in putting these three qualities together after several attempts over several decades—Domingo managed a fourth, final, fantastic quality that makes this variety truly inheritable. TWO YEARS TO FRUIT after you get it, guaranteed. Because we all cannot live or wait forever, can we? This is the avocado of avocados!

SNAP BUY DOMINGO’S HEIRLOOM AVOCADO SEEDLINGS. We will share some of our marcotted seedlings that are scheduled to be transplanted at Camp Mingan. First come, first served na lang po. We would be able to dispatch next week, TBA. Oh, the price will be cheaper. Before, P1,499 per seedling. We’re happy with P999 per marcotted seedling now. Sure to survive, the seedling has more than 6 leaves already, that is how we know, how we are sure. Own a rare heirloom plant and nurture it for your personal delight. Sure to start fruiting in 2 years.

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  1. Lino Reyes

    very interesting! Would like to buy 9 seedlings f the this seedless avocado if available.

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