COCONOT JAM. The search is over for Andie, she has finally found a COCONUT JAM that does not taste like latik. I found that an opportunity to rib her, that a coconut jam will always taste like … coconut. She rolls her eyes and says I don’t understand. She wants daw her coconut jam to not taste like she is chewing on her lola’s hair. You know, amoy coconut oil. No I don’t know but this morning she tells me that 200+ bottles of this magical coconut jam has arrived at RuRi North, and can I offer it to members? Galing daw ng Solano, Nueva Ecija. So yun, kuha na po kayo. I am sure curious kayo about Andie’s search abd discovery.

COCONOT JAM — P350 for 2 bottles

Helps Solano, Nueva Vizcaya makers

COCONOT JAM SNAP BUY. We are happy to offer our members a jam made from coconut that does not taste like coconut. I am sure you will enjoy it. P350 for 2 bottles.

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