GENUINE SAGADA ORANGES. 150 kilos. Only 30 members can avail.

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RAISE THE FLAG FOR SAGADA. When you pretend to be from a culture you’re not, and your intention for doing that is to benefit from it, that’s cultural appropriation. When you take the name of a town in order to better sell a fruit that does not even grow there, and that fruit flies in from another country 3,000 miles away, that’s economic appropriation. Some would even call it economic sabotage. Oh, the unfairness of it all. I am angry and sad to learn that every single “Sagada orange” as we know it comes from China. If you have bought an orange-coloured “Sagada orange” from a vendor’s bilao at the Baguio public market, an upscale fruit stand in BGC, in the town of Sagada itself, or anywhere in the Philippines for that matter, you’ve been had big time. It was a Chinese farmer who grew that and he is making the money. The oranges that our own farmers in Sagada grow are green in color and peel like a ponkan, or yellowish in color and peel like a navel orange, they see little money. It follows because there is little demand for it for the simple reason that most people do not know that this is the real Sagada orange. I won’t comment on what our authorities should or should not be doing to protect the liberal and misleading use of the name “Sagada” on a bastard produce. We’re not buying local that’s for sure, we are sending our money to the wrong farmers, and our country does not win.

GENUINE SAGADA ORANGES SNAP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to participate in a Snap Buy for genuine Oranges from Sagada, it’s P999 for 5 kilos.

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