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WILL YOU EAT MORE NONGWOO RADISHES THIS WEEK? Only in the Philippines, it’s not more fun for a farmer to unintentionally grow his vegetables beyond a certain shape or a certain size. Napa-unforgiving at napaka-unfair, konting deviation lang, automatic “RR” ang classification ng traditional buyers. (RR means reject.) Unang tinging bagsak na agad ang presyo, unang araw wala nang presyo. Pahirapan kahapon, paawaan ngayun, patapon bukas, bawal ang pangit sa Mundo ng gulay.

This is exactly what happened to this farmer, Kuya Thomas of Madaymen. He inadvertently grew his produce to giants. Looking at his kind face and his humble demeanor, you would not think that he has not been waiting for two days now at the Trading Post to no avail, no one would buy his produce. What’s wrong with his produce? What’s wrong with buyers? What is he saying — “Sana po matulungan ninyo kami sa mga ganitong klase ng gulay. Malalaki. Mahirap mabenta dito sa taas.”

Andie is so shocked that she made a decision and told me after the fact. She took all of Thomas’ 300 kilos and hired a Transportify to bring the vegetables to RuRi North. Never mind that it makes absolutely no fiscal sense that she paid P6,000 plus toll to do it. Nag-siksik na lang siya ng mga furniture that we supposedly need in RuRi Central. Never mind na we ar just done with Farmers Basket 44. Ganun siya naawa sa kalagayan ni Thomas.

When she told me what she did, I said nothing. I am resolved to find a home for these NONGWOO RADISHES tonight. RuRi, pasensiya na. Just arrived from a long drive and my tired brain and body cannot write anything fancy, except to bring this farmer’s problems to you like this. For Thomas of Madaymen, please will you eat more NONGWOO RADISHES this week? If he can smile despite his problems, I can pray that enough members can see this and find the heart to help.

NONGWOO RADISH RESCUE. I am impersonally seeking your support for oversized, perfectly okay Radishes. If you participate in this effort with P199, your share shall be 5 kilos. God bless you. Click here https://bit.ly/NongwooRadishRescue-RRPH

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