OUR WISH FOR RADISH. We’re seeking your kind help with 2.7 tons of Nongwoo Korean Radish. A farmer from Bakun, Benguet is at the La Trinidad Trading Post with a truck-full of Radishes. The problem is, every Radish farmer is there too. Tambak ang trucks doon, wala naman nang buyers—nakabiili na sila, nag-uwian na sila. This is the point where the farmer makes a decision to wait for the buyers to come back the next day, but chances are if there is at least one truck of fresh radish, the buyers would pick that over his. He would have waited in vain. This is the point where a farmer decides to go home and dump the produce along the way. We’ve seen this happen often enough. It must be word-of-mouth that this farmer took his chances to contact Rural Rising for help. This is the point where what we say decides the fate of Radishes. Will it be another sad picture? Will we be the instrument of salvation?

To be honest, we are not prepared at all to take Radishes today, but we are really this farmer’s last hope. Andie and I believe that when someone approaches you for help, you are being given a responsibility and a blessing. We are happy to share this blessing with everyone who helps us bear the responsibility. Can we help this gentle farmer?

TO DONATE: Here is what we did with Nongwoo Radishes that fell into our hands in a similar way. They gave such happiness to the residents of Sitio Maginhawa in Ayala Alabang, that economically-depressed community behind RuRI South. Please can we give them some of these radishes? It’s P199 for 10 kilos.

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