RADISHES TO DO AS HE WISHES. Sana this farmer called us, to take the radish that he was unable to sell. We needed only 300 kilos from him for the Farmers Baskets but if he told us that he needed help, we would have found a way to take more. We’ll ask you members to take some or we’ll put them in the walk-in bins — anything basta huwag lang matapon. Instead, the 200 ~300 kilos he had in his vehicle, he decided to dump them by the side of the road. Is dumping if not sold already a mindset? We won’t judge, his produce is his to do what he wishes. I am sure he thought about giving it away kung 300 kilos lang, why not is not for us to ask.

RADISH RESCUE BUY — P110 for 2 kilos
Helps Kabayan, Benguet farmers

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