What: Buy 1.5 tons of Black Corn

When: January 15, 2022

Where: Villasis, Pangasinan

INVITATION TO PARTAKE OF JOY: May we invite all members of thus group to participate in our first Group Buy of 2023. It’s for BLACK CORN, an amazing produce from the amazing farmers of Villasis. Months back, we gave them what they needed to grow their Black Corn well—free fertilizer and a sure promise to buy at the right price. Unlike other “financiers”, we do not deduct from what we pay. It is a gift that inspires them to really care for the crop. It makes a lot of sense, di ba?

GROUP BUY BLACK CORN. We are happy to offer you a chance to share in a very good produce and a very good price for Black Corn. Lovingly nurtured for months, freshly-harvested in two weeks time.

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