LAST CUT IS THE SWEETEST. We thought we got the last of the Black Corn in Villasis, as it turns out there is another farmer with black corn. After this, there will no longer be Black Corn. They said he planted 2 kilos of seeds, so the yield is 1,500 kilos. He went all out, and good for him. We’ll go out and give him a good price and let you have it through a Black Corn Sale. Here is the text exchange about the farmer and here is the actual Black Corn.

BLACK CORN SALE! We are sending a truck to Villasis, Pangasinan to get at least 1 ton of the last Black Corn you will ever see. First members to get the few slots available get it. P599 gets you 10kg. Founding Member gets 11kg. 

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Weight 10-11 kg


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