These postcard perfect pictures by the uber-talented Hilda Yaneza does justice to the PURE PURPLE CORN. Scroll down and enjoy. And when you are done, consider ordering more http://bit.ly/PurpleCorn-RRPH

We were able to harvest one ton, sold out in two Group Buys. Our farmers left some ein the field to grow a little bit more, and those ears are ready now. About 300 kilos estimate. After this final cropping, they rotate to beans to nitrogenate the soil. After that it’s a year to wait for the next PURE PURPLE CORN harvest.

Backread the story: WE CAUGHT A UNICORN. This is RARE. This is SPECIAL. We finally have it months of waiting—PURPLE PERUVIAN CORN. 100% purple and 100% ORGANIC. What a unicorn this is we’ve captured. We’ve been looking and asking around for months for a farmer who grows this extremely unique agricultural produce in the Philippines. We finally traced the rumours to a small farm in Nueva Vizcaya province. The reason we travelled there two months ago was to meet him in person and secure his commitment to give us his next harvest. This one, and we have it—1,000 KILOS OF ORGANIC PURPLE CORN. This is not enough, it will sell out very fast in the group. Tomorrow the farmer and his family will bring in the purple harvest and in two days, we shall have purple corn at RuRI House. We cannot be happier if you lit fireworks in the sky and played Stevie Wonder exceedingly loud on the stereo. There are several theories how Pure Purple Corn, a prized heritage produce from Peru in the Andes, made its way to the Philippines and thrived in a very northern province. Some say it was a Japanese researcher who introduced it to a select number of local farmers, and only one was success in propagating it. In Peru, they steep the corn in hot water to extract a deep purple natural colour for foods and beverages. One of these beverages is an alcohol named CHICA MORADA which contains purple corn, pineapple and spices. It is very common to order it in bars, restaurants, even from street vendors. Purple Corn also makes a pudding called “mozamorra” and a hot smoothie called “Inca’s dessert”. Going back to the Japanese researcher, he must have been establishing a crop breeding program that would eventually send the corn back to Japan. A very Japanese was of cooking corn is to boil it briefly and the grill it while brushing the surface with a mixture of soy sauce, mirin and sugar. Very interesting! A must try. Purple corn is a SUPER FOOD. It is gluten-free and has TWICE the antioxidant level of BLUEBERRIES. Imagine that! Anthocyanins, the primary pigments in purple corn, have been reported to be associated with the potential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and chronic diseases. How does it taste? Exactly like traditional Australian sweet corn.

FINAL GROUP BUY: PURE PURPLE CORN. We are looking for 30 members to buy 10 KG of PURE PURPLE CORN, and pay only P1,500.

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