When we uploaded this video of Johnny Panila, a hapless farmer from Licab, Nueva Ecija, we did not think to connect an order link to it. We felt that to do so would “cheapen” the impact of the video. We said we’d simply buy the pumpkins from Johnny using the ongoing link for other Licab farmers. As the day progressed, we’ve had several members asking for a specific link for Johnny’s pumpkins. The video obviously touched them as deeply as it did us. So I guess we have to make one. Frankly, this video is one of the saddest videos from a farmer that we have ever come across. It shows a person’s desperation, it’s saddening. Friends, please would you help us help Johnny Panila? We are hereby launching an urgent Rescue Buy to help Johnny Panila of Licab, Nueva Ecija.

Will you support this effort by giving P600 and in return get 20 kilos of first-class Surema F1 pumpkins? Founder Members get 22 kilos.

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