GIFT OF LONG LIFE. Feeling very inspired after watching the Netflix documentary LIVE TO 100: SECRETS OF THE BLUE ZONES. Yes, I want to live to 100. And yes, the food that they said would make you live longer are available from our farmers. We’d like to start with TEA and HONEY. We have that nice-tasting fresh Tsaang Gubat (Forest Tea) from Sagada Mountain Province, which I am already drinking everyday as a way to hydrate. And we can get from Aurora bottles of Dumagat Honey.

The centenarian who drinks tea in Ikaria say that they do not pour in the honey while the tea is hot. They wait until the temperature is ready for drinking, that’s when you put in the tea. This way the living nutrients inside the tea are not killed by the heat. The price is P499 for a bundle of fresh Tea Leaves and a bottle of honey, a cheap price to pay for extra longevity. While supplies last. Konti lang yung honey.

BOGO FOREST TEA + HONEY. We are happy offer a healthy combo of Forest Teaand Honey for just P499. Live long and be healthy, RuRi.

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