PP FOR CP. After days of continuous rains, the harvest can finally be brought in. Our farmers in Aurora, Isabela as asking for lots of help with lots of sitay, okra, kalabasa, talong and ampalaya. All the vegetables needed to make Pakbet Packs (PP). So we told them to make PAKBET PACKS. Now that we said that, we need to figure out where they will go. These are our farmer families all chipping in to create the Pakbet Packs.

Each PP contains 1/2 kilo sitaw, 1/2 kilo okra, 1 kilo kalabasa, 1/2 kilo talong and 1/2 kilo amplaya. The price is P300 per pack, with a little extra (8%) for the labor and trucking, P325 total. Super good deal na po ito.

Please will you take some? It will be a big help to the farmers and we are sure that this will be most welcome anywhere you send them–your own kitchen, to a neighborhood Community Pantry (CP), or where you want us to bring them in your name.

We are looking for as many Rural Rising members to help the farmers of Aurora, Isabela with their request for buyers for thei Pakbet Packs. The price is P325 per pck.

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