ITO PO ANG ARAW NA HINDI KO MAKAKALIMUTAN. On the road to Camp Mingan, we pulled over at a watermelon stand. It was my fault, I distracted this woman with my playful question “Anong mas matamis, yung pakwan mo o ang ngiti mo?” In her resulting eagerness to please, she hastily moved aside two watermelons to get at a bigger/redder/sweeter one underneath. The moment she did so, the first two watermelons fell to the ground and smashed to bits. On the way back to Manila after a few days, we just had to pull over. Not to buy more watermelons but to give her all the money we had in the car ashtray. As it happened, the amount I had in my hand was exactly the amount she owes to her employer. The damaged watermelons were charged to her salary. This woman makes a hundred pesos a day doing this and mistakes cost her three days wages. It was coins and loose bills, they caused such happiness, hers and mine. I was smiling as I got back on the road, I was still smiling as I right turned onto EDSA three hours later.

If this made you smile too, please consider buying Watermelons here too. It’s the YELLOW SEMINI and the RED SUGAR BABY. Smile wider, it’s just P499 for 8 mixed kilos.

MIXED WATERMELONS— P499 for 8 kilos

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