PIC FOR ATTENTION ONLY. Yes, don’t worry RuRi, we are working on getting Sibuyas soon. Ang laki-laki na talaga ang problema…ng mga CONSUMER dito sa Metro Manila, hindi lang ang magsasaka. Bakit nagkaganito? In the meantime, let’s make the price of basic vegetables lower.

MIXED BABY PUMPKINS and TOMATOES with Free LUYANG DILAW. Total weight 8 kilos. Pay only P499. Very fresh, harvested yesterday, arrived last night. These Baby Pumpkins are so cute. You can slice one up for every meal and leave the rest unopened until you are ready. Unlike if you had giant pumpkin, there’s pressure for you to cook immediately. Keeps for weeks. As for the Tomatoes, these are the tomatoes that survived #KardingPh and then #PaengPh. You can be sure we gave our farmers a very good price for these. Finally, the Luyang Dilaw (Turmeric). They were harvested by our farmers in Brgy, Bantug, in Gabaldon. We’re happy to gift them to you for everything we have done so far for the farmers of Gabaldon.

BABY PUMPKIN SNAP BUY. Eight kilos of mixed vegetables, only 100 members can avail. Pay only P499. Grab it here

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