MEGA MELONS WITH WARRANTY. More and more, we are giving warranties for fruits and vegetables. The question is not “Who does that?”. The question is “Why not?”. It gives our members the confidence to buy. It give our farmers the motivation to give quality produce. “Bayaran namin presyo ninyo pero papalitan ninyo kung may complaina tayo ha?”. It’s a fair and reasonable request. Every fruit seller should do this, as long as he/she pays the farmers the right price. Hindi binabarat or iniipit. So yes, let’s do Mega Melons With Warranty. We are more than confident to do this one because these are “first cut” melons or “unang bunga”. That alone tells you it’s sweet. The first energies of the plant went towards the fruit. You can tell by the size too—these are extraordinarily big Melons. Buy with confidence and enjoy. If these Melons are not sweet, return them immediately for a replacement.

The offer is for 5 kilos of Mega Melons, guaranteeed sweet or we replace without questions asked, pay only P550. Founder Members get 6 kilos. These Melons come from the same group of farmers that grow our calamansi in Aurora, Isabela.

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