TWO FOR THE PRICE OF DONE. These are not RR, they’re good, mixed mangoes. These are not your typical mangoes, they’re GUIMARAS ISLAND MANGOES. They say these are the only mangoes that Buckingham Palace and the White House would serve, I can almost believe that. Unbelievably sweet, we travelled by plane, boat and rented van to personally meet the farmers who grow them. Unbelievably cheap, the government “Bantay Presyo” price list says these should be at least P600/kg. Our farmers will let su have 2 KILOS for the same price, because we are also getting Cassava, Avocado and Santol. For that price, done!

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If you think that this plate Andie is holding at the Guimaras Mango Festival is impressive, it does not compare to the record of the most number of mangoes eaten by a single individual. It’s 14.5 kilos or 42 mangoes eaten in 30 minutes. There was an ambulance nearby and they said it was required to take the “winner” to the hospital. Mangoes worth dying for, these are what they are.

GUIMARAS MANGOES SALE. Our farmers are happy for you to have 2 kilos of mixed sized Mangoes for P600. Save P600. We are expecting 200 kilos.

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