DIVINE PROPORTION ON GOLDEN MELONS. It was a revelation to me that MELONS too, like pineapples and mangoes had the same 40% percentage of RR. Is there a sort of Da Vinci Code’ish Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion at work in all fruits and vegetables in the world? I saw this for myself when I rode Mighty to Talavera to load SWEET MELONS. Four in ten melons were classified by the farmers as “rejects” unfit the farmers say, for RuRi or Manila buyers. When I heard “Para na lang po sa mga nag sasa-malamig” I can hardly believe my ears. These MELONS, have of them are called “bungang puno”, small fruit that has naturally-ripened on the vine and is sweeter than the first class. These Melons, like stray kittens, are fit for a king’s household. Here is my personal encounter with the gwapo farmer and this lovely melon. You be the judge, of the Melons.

RR MELON RESCUE. We are seeking your kind support and acceptance of mixed melons. Some will be big, some will be small, all will be sweet. If you like all of you Melons to be perfect and unblemished, this is not for you. If you can find it in your heart to forgive this farmer for how his Melons look, please click here __

It’s P499 for 5 kilos.

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