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MANGOESTEEN. Let’s make this one short, sweet and easy (to guess). It’s also a Rescue Buy that makes a lot of sense. MANGOSTEENS from our Davao farmers with free GREEN MANGOES from Tumauini, Isabela. The Mangosteens will be exceedingly sweet. The Mangoes too but we don’t expect them to be exceedingly big. Why? A tornado ripped through Tumauini town less than a month ago and shook tons of fruit to the ground. This is the fruit that survived an Act of God, this is an act of men to help these farmers recover from their loss. We got a few sample Mangoes and they are fine. This effort is a pre-cursor to a bigger effort to buy Tumauini Mangoes in bulk.

MANGOESTEEN SNAP BUY. If you share P550, we shall be happy to give you 2 kilos of Mangosteens and 1 kilo of Green Mangoes?

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