Last year we did a Mangosteen Rescue Buy as a result of being tagged in an urgent appeal for help on FB. This was the actual post and this was Andie vainly trying to fit five kilos of Mangosteen on a three-kilo basket. This year, from the same farmer, we are able to get Mangosteens again. I remember we ate almost as much Mangosteen as we sold, and we had no regrets except one. We did not know that the Mangosteen peels can be boiled and enjoyed as tea. Did you know that? Now that we know…we can eat as much and drink as much too. We have 30 kilos flying in tonight, so yeah let’s do an impromptu Mangosteen Snap Buy.

MANGOSTEEN SNAP BUY. We are looking for 10 Rural Rising members to participate in an impromptu Mangosteen Snap Buy. The Price is P930 for 3 kilos. Save a lot. Compare the price of Mangosteen online.

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