HINAING NG WALANG MAISAING. How despondent this farmer feels for his prospects but how is it that you can you not see it? Bravely, very bravely he hides his dismay from losing most of his corn to worms, but his text to another farmer reveals the reality. “Umiiyak po kami. Walang sila maisaing”. It breaks your heart to see that. It numbs your mind to know think that inspire of the land being so rich, its tillers know only poverty. How is it that that th very people who grow our food are the ones who go hungry? What a bitter irony this is.

We arranged for some money to be given to this farmer, Dado Caliboso, but that is band-aid. What we want to do is to give him something longer-term, give him seeds, irrigation, fertilizer and insecticide, give him what he needs to grow the next crop properly. Will you support this effort? We’ll buy corn now from two farmers and proceeds from that shall go towards helping Dado succeed next time. We refuse to see him fail.

WHITE MAGENTA AND YELLOW CORN. For the first time ever, we shall combine White Magenta and Yellow Corn in one Buy. Support this effort to help two farmers that grew these and and a third farmer who shall grow his corn without worry. Will you give P500? Can we give you 5 kilos?

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