PAG MATAMIS ANG MAIS, MASARAP TUMULONG. How endearing that our members are able to associate the farmer’s name with the corn they buy. They say “Nanay Clarita’s Corn” or “Apung Fred’s Sweet Yellow Corn”. Here is Nanay Clarita and Apung Fred. We’ve taken corn so many times from this community, we are first name basis with the farmers and obviously, the members too. The corn from here is always sweet, and the helping especially so. THIS IS A CALL FOR MIXED COLOR CORN. It’s Yellow and White Purple colors. We shall be sending a truck on the 17th to get the Corn. Thank you for supporting this trip.

MIXED COLOR CORN SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for 1 ton of White Purple and Yellow Corn to be harvested on June 17, 2024. If you give P199, your share shall be 4 kilos. Super steal!

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