A KINUDAY KIND OF DAY. Years ago, the Australian Embassy gave Australian Large Black pigs to a farm in Nueva Vizcaya. These animals were cross-bred with native pigs and the result are called Native Large Blacks. Paying it forward, some of these pigs were given to the Igorot farmers of Brgy. Eddet, Kabayan, Benguet to raise and process according to their beautiful indigenous culture. They butchered one of these magnificent animals just for us and made them into a world-class ham. For the first time ever, we proudly offer our members a cultural product called Kinuday (also known as Kiniing). 100% black pig meat, completely nothing like it.

KINUDAY SNAP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to enjoy their first taste of authentic Kinuday/Kiniing. It’s P999 per kilo.

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