THE CALAMITY OF KALABATIS. This is the calamity period of KALABATIS in Nueva Ecija, in Nueva Vizcaya. It happens every April and May, when Kalabasa and Kamatis are in such abundance and prices are at an all time low. At this time the farmers’ chances of finding a buyer for either produce is 50/50 at best. At this time the price is less than the cost to harvest and transport. Four pesos per kilo, that is the best price farmer can get never mind if it’s Kalabasa or Kamatis. It is just insane. There is no recovering the cost to grow, there is no recovering from debt. The economic toll in the communities where these farmers come from, oh the emotional toll it takes on their psyches. Every year, it’s like abandoning your babies to fate because you are beyond powerless, you are a farmer. How can you say “Kapit lang” to someone who wants to let go?

KINDNESS FOR THE DISTRESSED. We are seeking kindness for the distressed farmers of Nueva Ecija and Nueva Vizcaya. We need P499 to buy from them, for you, 20 MIXED KILOS of Kalabasa and Kamatis. We need to buy as much as we can. Our goal is 20 tons of each produce this week, and another 20 tons next week. We are not powerless, we are RuRi.

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