CORN FOR A CAUSE. We would like to continue helping Nana Clarita, the corn farmer with the broken hand. This is NOT a call for cash donations, we feel that there is no dignity in that. This is a call for you to buy her Japanese Sweet Corn, she has so much pride in that. What she wants for it is not expensive—just P400 for 10 kilos. Let us share with you the picture of the corn she sent us last night. Just by the pictures alone you know that they are of very good quality. This is food that you can serve with pride. This is the way we want to help a farmer in distress.

CORN FOR A CAUSE—pay only P410 for 10 kilos of Japanese Sweet Corn. Get 11 kilos if you are Founder Member. Please if you would only buy one produce this week or this month, let it be corn grown by Nana Clarita.

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