WE FEEL LIKE WE’RE DROWNING. Threading and flapping still the water still rises over your head. It feels a lot like that for me and Andie lately. RuRi lang ba ang buyers ng mga farmers na ito pag hindi natin makuha? Last week, it was Broccoli. 1.5 tons ang tinapon when we passed on it. Today, ICEBERG LETTUCE, 2 tons naman. Nasa Trading Post na, we really have to pass. One, Puno pa ang cold room ng RuRI House. Two, wala pa ako nagawang offer sa group. Three, pagod na lahat ng staff sa RuRi. Four, siguro may makukuha naman silang buyer. We’re making excuses and this Lettuce, like the Broccoli, will remain on our conscience dahil mukhang tayo lang ang buyers nila.

Sadly we’re passing on this week’s Iceberg Lettuce harvest even if hundreds of members said “Yes, we want to support an effort for it”. If it’s any consolation, we shall be there for these farmers next week. Parang sa Broccoli farmer, we were there for round 2. Sana, sana they find buyers for this first batch. One week late but not too late. This is a call to save 2.5 tons of Iceberg Lettuce. The price? You can read the exchange, we shall pay it.

ICEBERG LETTUCE RESCUE BUY. We are humbly seeking for your strong support for the distressed lettuce farmers of Mankayan. If you give P399, we shall give you 4 kilos of Iceberg Lettuce. 4 for the price of 1. Sorry, the offer is a little different from what we said, but it’s the best they can do, will you still do it?

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