DO THE DEW. If the Lord God reached out with His hand and brought it to your mouth, I think He would be holding a piece of HONEY DEW. Honey Dews are a taste of the divine and to take a bite is to accept a gift. We believe it when some farmers do not even touch Melon Dew, they do not attempt to grow it. It is a difficult fruit to grow. It requires skill, special soil and copious amounts of water to grow one to term, let’s not begin to talk about it becoming extraordinarily sweet. If you can’t grow it, you can’t grow it. If you. Can, you are a special farmer. We have 100 kilos, this divine fruit, Food for the Gods, gift of nature.

HONEY DEW GROUP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members looking to gift themselves with 5 kilos of Honey Dew Melons and pay only P350. If you take 10 kilos (2 lots for P700), it would still a very good price. Do enjoy.

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