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GABALDON’S BEST. Last year one of our members gifted farmers living around Camp Mingan with NATIVE PIGS. Five piglets, these have since grown and multiplied to dozens. There is now a very healthy native pig population around Camp Mingan. Helped, we believe by RuRi House being able to regularly send cabbages and other vegetables through Genesis Bus transferred to Dingalan Transit bus. These cabbages augment the pigs’ diet of kang-kong and gabi, eliminating the farmers’ dependence on commercial feeds. We can say that these native pigs are organic.

Today, we’re taking this project to the next level. We’re doing a NATIVE PIG LECHON. Some of that Lechon we shall develop into a restaurant menu based on Native Pig Lechon. So there’s Native Pig Lechon Sinigang, Native Pig Lechon Sisig, Native Pig Lechon Bopis, Native Pig Lechon Dinakdakan, Native Pig Lechon Adobo, Native Pig Lechon Paksiw, Native Pig Lechon Patatim, the Native Pig Lechon Fried Rice.

This is very unique. What makes this possible is that we have a ready source of Native Pigs. What makes this notable is that this effort has a mission to help farmers. Sila ang nag-aalaga, sila na rin ang mag-lelechon. We envision an “alkansiya” where we put aside 20% of what we collect so that we can buy back more Native Pigs. Some of these Native Pigs will not be for the fire pit, some will find new homes with the Dumagat IPs. Our goal is to dissuade them from hunting endangered wild pigs in Mt Mingan forest, we spoke about that. We want for them to have a source of income so they leave the forest in peace. This is what Rural Rising is all about. It ties up what we are doing to help distressed sectors. It ties up to our goals for forest conservation. Our slogan is “Spurring the Local Economy” and with native pig lechon, in Brgy. Pinamalisan, we can do exactly that.

Today, we have one Native Pig Lechon currently being roasted. Please will you support this dream of ours by buying a kilo, sana two, and tell us what you think?

SNAP BUY GABALDON’S BEST NATIVE PIG LECHON. We are very pleased to offer for the first time GABALDON’S BEST NATIVE PIG LECHON. Fifteen (15) kilos only. If you share P999, your share shallbe a kilo. P199 of what you give goes to the “alkansiya” to give new Native Pigs to more people who need them for a second source of income.

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