FARMERS BASKET W39. Our sourcers are out in force in the countryside scouring farms for things to buy. One team’s in Echague, another in Aritao. They’re actually finding gold, produce that the farmers have given up finding buyers for. Ubehan kamote, native sili, native guava, rambutan, marang, dragonfruit, pomelo and a lot more. Gulay too, of course. For the farmers, to make unexpected income, it’s like finding gold too.This is the essence of this week’s Farmers Basket. Liit-liit produce, laki-laking tulong.


FARMERS BASKET W39. We embrace a good idea for what it is — a member’s offhand remark to “make this combo of the week’s produce a regular thing” and we have endeavored to make it so. L


Pay only P499 for a basket full of assorted produce. We will work hard to surprise and amaze. Super sulit!” that’s what we always get from fans of this Farmers Basket idea. We shall make only 100 baskets this week. Six kilos per basket but you know that we don’t care too much kung lalagpas sa timbang. We’ll have the RuRi Boys make “tumpoks” on the floor. They will try to be as equal as possible in the distribution but no guarantees ha? Some cries of delight or groans of disappointment on your part may be involved when you open. It’s “Oh wow, what a good deal this is!” or “Ay, bakit wala akong nakuhang _____ (name of vegetable)?”


If this Mystery Basket idea appeals to you, and if it’s just P499 (nothing to lose, a lot of produce to gain) will you get one so you can help our farmers?

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