Good afternoon, RuRi. We have 5 packs of DRIED FOREST MUSHROOMS available. We sent the following email to the 23 members who ordered fresh mushrooms. All but 5 availed of the renewed offer. Yours to grab.

“Hi. We tried, twice, and failed to give you fresh MOUNTAIN MUSHROOMS. Hindi talaga kaya. The first time di umabot sa bus, the farners had to give them away. The second time, umabot sa RuRi House but nabulok, we had to throw them away. The only way is for our farmers to dry but grabe, 10 kilos of fresh yields pala less than a kilo of dry. I know you were expecting 1 kilo of fresh but we can only give you 100 grams of dry. Will you take it? Please let us know. We shall be happy to issue store credits should you decide not to take these but we strongly suggest you do. These Mountain Mushroom, dry, are no less delicious fresh. And rare. Andie and I hope you enjoy them and that you’ll share in the group what wonderful things you’ll do with it. Thank you always for your kindness to us and your generosity to our dear farmers. Warm regards.”

DRIED FOREST MUSHROOMS. 100 grams (approx.), P699. Five members can avail. Get yours here

Back read the story:
Dear friends, the fresh MOUNTAIN MUSHROOMS have arrived but sadly there won’t be any dispatch. The mushrooms have become unfit for human consumption. The farmers tried, they really wanted to make income. The first time, they missed the bus and have had to donate 24 kilos to the local restaurants. The second time, the 17 kilos mushrooms made it on the bus but they did not survive the trip. Covering the mushrooms with leaves did not work. When we got to open the boxes, they smelled very bad, they were slimy to the touch, and maggots were in evidence. This happened to the Mushrooms within a span of 12-hours travel and a 5-hour wait for the Codalines shipping section to open. We’ve paid the farmers in full, they will gather again and send us DRY MUSHROOMS. We shall endeavor to fulfill your orders. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the delay. We shall make a second announcement regarding these elusive Mountain Mushrooms and hopefully it will be a happy announcement.

DRIED FOREST MUSHROOMS. 100 grams (approx.), P699. Five members can avail. Get yours here

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