BIG, BIG DIP-PIGS!. When we were new to the game of Rescue Buys early last year, we sent a truck to far-away Paracelis, Mt. Province. The farmers there grew the biggest SABA BANANAS we have ever seen laid our eyes on. They call them DIP-PIGS there. If I am not mistaken, we did four Rescue Buys there, easily 16 tons total. Below is the story of how we found ourselves in Paracelis, and also some videos and pictures from those Rescue Buys. The farmers there like us and we like them back. Next week, we have been invited to come back to partake of a bumper crop of particularly big, big Dip-pigs. Why not? It’s been some time and with many recently joined members, this would be very special to them. Do get some. They are rather special, and rare to find them in these sizes.
Back read the story:
PARA SA PARACELIS PLEASE. The farmers of Paracelis, Mountain Province have literal mountains of beautiful bananas to sell, and no one to sell it to. With every town along the seven-hour, single-road journey to Baguio locked down, the produce is not going anywhere. Ten tons a week coming for several weeks now, and no way to stop the harvest from ripening, you can imagine how much there is. The only choice is to give away the bananas to passersby, exchange them for vegetables though that possibility is rare, feed them to hogs, or simply leave them by the side of the road.
GROUP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to join us on a Group Buy for 2 tons of DIP-PIG (Giant Saba Bananas) from Paracelis, Mt. Province. If you contribute P599 to make this trip possible, you shall get 10 kilos of Dip-pigs as your share. If you are a Founder Members get 11 kilos.

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