VITAMIN C PLATE. We grab three kinds of oranges from the garongs — hamlins, navels and ponkans — peeled them and piled them high on a plate. Two times a day we do this, right after breakfast and at mid-afternoon when we start feeling peckish. It’s a delicious and healthy habit.

CITRUS SUPERSTARS! What we are going to do today is to take 3 KINDS OF CITRUS — Sweet Local Oranges like above (hamlins, navels and ponkans) + Lisbon Lemons + a Red Chandler Pomelo. We’ll put all these Citrus Superstars in bags—one bag is approximately 8 kilos—we can make 70 bags and let you have them for just P1,000 per bag. Save P1,000! Happy November 1, every one! Only 70 members can avail. We only have 70 bags.

CITRUS SUPERSTARS! So again, 3 kinds of Citrus Superstars — oranges, lemons and pomelo — pay only P1,000. You are saving P1,000.
This directly helps orange and pomelo farmers in Nueva Vizcaya and a lemon farmer in Tarlac.

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