CHICOMOTE. Sounds like a Mexican food truck best seller, doesn’t it? It’s actually the best produce we can get from Guimaras Island right now, aside from their Mangoes. This is helping the farmers there who agreed NOT growing mangoes. Very few people know that Chico and Kamote grow well in the potassium-rich soil of Guimaras. If it can grow world-class mangoes, what are the odds that it can grow excellent birthday produce too? Since of you members have had the chance to try their Chicos and tri-color Kamote. Would you say that they are world-class too?

CHICOMOTE — P599 for 6 kilos

Helps Guimaras Island farmers

GUIMARAS CHICOMOTE SNAP BUY. We are seeking you kind and excited support for two tons of Chico and Kamote from the hopeful farmers of Guimaras Island. If you give P599, we shall give you a total of 6 mixed kilos.

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