How we finally found BINTONG, a locally grown kamote that is far sweeter than Japanese sweet potato for a fraction of the price. Click here to get yours quicker

AGRICULTURAL GOLD. After hearing rumors of a local sweet potato that was as sweet or even sweeter than the imported and expensive Japanese sweet potato, we went hunting. That was two years ago. We cast about far and wide to find it, all but exhausting our rural contacts.

~ In San Felipe, Zambales, they offered us “kinarot”, a kamote variety with deep orange flesh. Not.
~ In Villasis, Pangasinan they thought we were asking for Japanese Sweet Corn. Not.
~ In Nasugbu, Batangas, they offered us their “kamoteng baging”. Not
~ In Kabayan, Benguet, they offered us their “najusan”. Not.
~ In Besao, Mountain Province, they offered us their “ubehans”. Not.

Just as we were about to give up, to conclude that it was all rumor, a hazy picture and then a video of of the kamote we were looking for emerged from the remote town of Aglipay in Quirino province. Longish in shape, reddish in skin, yellow inside flesh and very unusual veins along the side. We asked our man to cook and taste, he reports “sobrang tamis po, ito na po yun!”. We shouted “Eureka!” and called it BINTONG. We learned that these Bintong prefers to grow wild along the sides of mountains, it is a botanical hermit. We told the farmers that what he had was Japanese Sweet Kamote by another name, and that he had agricultural gold on his hands.

BINTONG SNAP BUY. We are very happy to invite everyone to the the pleasures of Bintong. Yes, it’s just kamote. No, it’s not your average kamote. For your P499, you can get 4 lovely kilos. AVAILABLE NOW.

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