MAYROONG BINTONG. We are able to get 500 kilos more of BINTONG from Quirino. 250 kg for our backlog and the rest will be placed on Snap Buy. The Bintong is on the truck and travelling now—they should be in RuRi House tomorrow morning. All orders will be served! These are the Bintongs. Just by looking for the special mark, that distinctive vein on the side, you know you have something good, you know you have Bintong.

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WE GOT BINTONG! Not a lot, just a few hundred kilos from the farmers of Brgy. Ponggo, Nagtipunan, Quirino. It’s an 800-kilometer, 10 hour trip, and it’s worth it if we are able to load other products. We are making calls to farmers who are on the route—perhaps melons in San Jose, papayas in Baler or dried seafood in Dipaculao. We shall see. In the meantime, this post is about Bintong. Here is the video of the Bintong that our man there sent us. He checked the Bintong pieces carefully and closely. Everything we are looking for is there. The distinctive vein on the side, the orange flesh that bleeds white, and the ugliness of skin. We told him to tell the farmers that we would be happy to have the Bintong, that we would be happy to pay his price plus a small extra. In turn, we would be happy for YOU to have them. Locally grown Japanese Kamote by any other name, farmer earns well, members eat well—a win, win, win in every way.

SNAP BUY: BINTONG. We are looking for 40 Rural Rising members to get 5 kilos of Bintong (local Japanese Sweet Potato) and py only P600. FMs get 5.5 kilos.

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