BINTHANKS. Big thanks to everyone for supporting the efforts while we were away. Signal has been very sporadic in Mountain Province. In the car, we were always dizzy and on foot, we were always tired. Our children have pretty much made decisions and run things while we were away. Back now, we are looking at the list of excess vegetables of wildly varying weights and kinds. We’ll take the simple solution — Buy 1 kilo of Bintong for P399, and we’ll give you “free” 4 kilos of papaya, dragonfruit, yakon and jicamas. A total of 5 kilos. It’s a Buy One, Get Four offer on steroids. 150 lots only. This is our BINTHANKS BINTONG offer.

After this, RuRi branches will be clean na of inventory, and we’ll tell you big and exciting things that we have accomplished on our trip to Sagada. Good evening, everyone. Really tired and really woozy but back in Baguio now. I almost needed steroids to finish writing this, but good old-fashioned sleep will do the trick. Good night ulit. Please delight us to see that this link has sold out next we check tomorrow morning.

BINTHANKS. We are seeking enthusiastic help from our members for BINTHANKS — 1 kilo of Bintong plus 4 kilos of mixed Papaya, Dragonfruit, Yakon and Jicama. Pay only P399.

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