ASUS ASPARAGUS. Tarlac is fast shaping to be a land of surprising discoveries for us. First the Mulberries and then this—ASPARAGUS. We have had a chance to offer these asparagus twice to the group, only a few bundles at a time. The first common reaction we got was amazement. “Asparagus grows in warm places?”. Exactly. The second reaction was physical. “These are the longest-stemmed asparagus I have ever seen.” We shall keep the identity of the farmer who grows this asparagus anonymous for now, for reasons you can imagine. He is a very nice young man, this one, the last farmer standing from a group of Tarlac farmers who tried. The others have since plowed their failed asparagus into the ground and moved on to “easier” crops. We were expecting to get only a few bundles of spears like last time but we were really surprised to learn that he has since dedicated his entire two hectares of land to asparagus! 100 kilos, that’s what we have and we are happy to take them all and have the group celebrate them with us.
GROUP BUY: ASPARAGUS. We are looking for Rural Rising members who will support a truck to go to Tarlac, Tarlac with P599 and when it gets back receive as share 1 kilo  of long-stemmed, freshly-harvested Asparagus. Founder members get 1.2 kilos.

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