NO TULOG STRAWBERRY JAM (NTSJ). The moment we arrived in our home in Baguio, I fired up my personal computer for a few hours of Command and Conquer Generals. Andie went to her kitchen and booted up her cast iron stoves to cook a few batches of Jam. I somehow dozed on the sofa and when I opened my eyes it was already morning. Andie never collected me, in fact she never left the kitchen. She and her helper Lala worked through the night! The work she put in and the sleep she lost for these 72 bottles of jam, I kept saying “Di ka na natulog” and she kept saying “Taste it”. Jams are the excuse and helping is the reason. I discovered an industrial chest freezer in the basement and Andie has filled it with Strawberries that she has been buying from the Madaymen farmers in order to help them. How I love this woman, how you will love her jam.

NLSJ JAM AND MOUNTAIN YOGHURT COMBO. I am more than proud and happy to offer you a jar of Andie’s NO LABEL STRAWBERRY JAM (NLSJ) and a tub of MOUNTAIN YOGHURT. If you give P999, you will get one of each, you will be happy. Only 50 members can avail. Click here __

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