CHANCE ENCORNTER. Last night I had a chance encounter with some YELLOW CORN. Andie’s dinner, really. Part of the Box-All-You-Can for PLDT. How sweet, how crunchy, I was very surprised. I enjoyed it very much. In the morning, ants were swarming all over the cobs. What does that tell you?

We were bale to get only 250 kilos for Box-All-You-Can, and now I regret it. I just have to run an effort to buy more of the same corn. So I can enjoy it. You will enjoy it. Promise.

VERY SWEET YELLOW CORN BUY. We are getting some excellent corn, you better believe it. We hope to make a strong effort today, to make me and a lot of farmers happy. If you contribute P399, you get 5 kilos.

1 It’s P399 for 5 kilos
2 Order link _
3 Dispatch date in 3 days

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