PERUVIAN GROUND APPLES (or YAKON). Tastes exactly what it sounds like. Combine the juiciness of a singkamas, the crunch of a Washington apple and a middle that tastes like light molasses, you are describing a Peruvian Ground Apple. How very intriguing. We discovered that the best way to enjoy these things is to thick-cut them like fries and chill before serving. Some members juice the.

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MUNCH YAKON LIKE A HAPPY RACOON. Few produce more enjoyable than this Yakon. No need to cook, just munch it like a raccoon. Simply peel and enjoy. Best when chilled. Super with some sea salt, Himalayan. It’s the food for tummy health, so dieters take note. We need this after binge-eating for weeks. For those who you who have not had a chance to try Yakon, it’s a super-juicy singkamas with a molasses heart. Here now at RuRi House on special pricing.

Our stock comes from a single farmer in Benguet. No other farmer grows this. Grab this grab this, grab this! It’s P499 for 3 kilos. FMs get 3.5 kg.

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