SPECIAL YAKS. We’ve been able to get yakons before and they have been well received, even loved. Right, Doc Julie? We are especially pleased to offer this batch because this new farmer came to us with 50 kilos and he says it’s so much sweeter than regular yakon.

“Aba’y talagang tunay na was matamis.” We are quitting the farmer verbatim. When we investigated why, he came out with a surprising answer.

CLAY. These yakons were specifically grown in clay. Clay apparently makes them especially sweet. Well thank you, we did not know that. To taste is to believe, we tried this CLAY-GROWN YAKON and yes they actually are so much sweeter. Very pleased indeed to offer these to you.

A LITTLE ABOUT YAKON. How do they taste? Texture of water chestnuts or an extra juicy singkamas. Bites crunchy crispy like an apple. Tastes like the core of a carrot with a slight honey taste. Leave it to “cure” (leave in the open and do nothing) for a few days, it becomes more delicious. It has a sugar called “inulin” which human digestive systems can’t process – so it’s supposed to be great for diabetics and those wanting to lose weight. It is, therefore, reportedly good for gut health. You can eat them raw of juiced. By all means, chop them into salads, or stew, roast or sautée. Some people ferment them with kimchi, delicious.

GROUP BUY: We are looking for 10 members to buy 5 KG OF YAKON and pay only P400.

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