WORM POOP ISLAND. Crossing this rickety wooden bridge, Andie was so fearful that we would crash through the planks and fall into the murky water. I am glad we made the trip to this place and discovered this island. We have started calling it the “Worm Poop Island”. You can see why. Everywhere we place our feet, everywhere we look, huge earthworm mounds. Clumps and clumps of pure earth processed though the digestive systems of native earthworms. We learned that over the decades, in this one-hectare island cut off from the main farm by water, these creatures had nothing to do except multiply in the millions, perhaps billions, underfoot. Amazing! If you grew up in the province, you know what these are. The purest form of fertilizer there is. This gentleman farmer has had the good sense to have his vermicast tested at the lab at U.P. Los Banos, and they said it has the highest concentration of humic acid of any sample they’ve seen. This will Jack-and-the-beanstalk your plants! We have discovered a virtual gold mine. A few bags of this worm poop gold are coming to to RuRi House. The beautiful thing about this is that the worm poop are highly likely to contain worm eggs. Which means if you use this fertilizer in your garden, very soon you will have little underground helpers making it healthy and productive. Imagine that.

SNAP BUY: NATIVE WORM POOP. We are looking for a few Rural Rising members who are intrigued by what we are saying about this magical black powder. Pay P350, get a big heavy bag with 10 kilos inside.

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